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Making an appointment

Before you contact us, would you please answer the following questions.
This will help you determine within a minute whether you need to see a doctor.

Opening hours

We are available by phone on all weekdays throughout the year starting at 8:00 am. Between 10:00 and 10:30 and between 12:00 and 13:30 the assistants have time for consultations and breaks. Between 16:00 and 17:00 please call only for emergencies.


PLEASE NOTE: you must inform your current GP that you have registered with us and that you give permission for your file to be sent safely.


Dutch health insurance

If you have Dutch health insurance we will charge all costs for our services directly to your insurer. Most costs are fully covered. Certain procedures, prescribed medication, blood tests etc. are settled with your obligatory own risk.

No Dutch health insurance

We charge a fixed fee which is set by the Dutch Healthcare Regulatory Institutions for every service based on time spent. Payments can be made directly through our payment terminal or by invoice. In most cases you can reclaim the costs with your health insurance.

2024 Tariffs

Thank you for your help and

Like many GP practices, we too face a shortage of staff due to illness and vacancies. This means that waiting times on the phone can be long.
We hope for your understanding. You can help us by ordering prescriptions through the website or the prescription line. Asking your non-urgent questions by e-mail or the patient portal can also help us.
You can also visit the site of or where you will find many answers to your questions.

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Flu and pneumococcal vaccinations

This year, as last year, the flu and pneumococcal vaccinations will be given at the Maranatha Church, 2nd Sweelinckstraat 156, The Hague.

  • Indicated patients will receive their invitation letter between Sept. 27 and Oct. 5.
  • Patients aged 66 to 69 are eligible for pneumococcal vaccination this year.
  • Please come on the date listed on the invitation letter. You do NOT need to call us for this.
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Healthcare services

One GP Practice - Two locations

In order to continue to provide you with good family doctor care
the practice will have two locations starting April 2019.

Located on the Sweelinckplein 45 and on the Prins Hendrikstraat 129

Good to know:

uw huisarts in Den Haag

Prins Hendrikstraat 129

In the “Zeeheldenkwartier” right in between the Koningsplein en the Prins Hendrikplein. You can get there easily using the Koningin Emmakade – Waldeck Pyrmontkade and the Zoutmanstraat.

uw huisarts in Den Haag
uw huisarts in Den Haag

Sweelinckplein 45

On the corner of Sweelinckplein and Reinkenstraat in the middle of the Duinoord neighborhood. We are easily accessible via Groot Hertoginnelaan, Laan van Meerdervoort and Koningin Emmakade.

uw huisarts in Den Haag
uw huisarts in Den Haag

Sweelinckplein - zomersluiting

Locatie Sweelinckplein is gesloten op onderstaande dagen.

Vrijdag 14 juli
Maandag 17 juli
Maandag 24 juli
Dinsdag 1 augustus
Donderdag 3 augustus
Vrijdag 4 augustus
Donderdag 10 augustus
Vrijdag 11 augustus
Maandag 14 augustus
Vrijdag 18 augustus
De locatie Prins Hendrikstraat 129 is geopend van 8:00 – 17:00 uur.
Bent u in een levensbedreigende situatie bel 112.

Tonny Simons werkt als Coördinator griepvaccinaties & Administratief medewerker